Since 1998, QuestNet has been one of the foremost pioneers of the direct selling profession throughout Asia, distributing an innovative range of lifestyle products to millions of customers around the world through its cutting-edge e-commerce platform. In its second decade, the company is fast emerging as a global direct selling brand with major operations in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and a worldwide presence in almost 30 different countries through representative offices and agency partnerships.In addition to its strong portfolio of exclusive wellness brands – including nutrition, energy, personal care, home care and other lifestyle product categories – QuestNet also offers a provenbusiness opportunity to promote the company’s products, representing the potential for an entrepreneurial business venture through network marketing.


QuestNet, the star of the QI Group of Companies, is driven by the mission of ‘Raise Yourself to Help Mankind’ (RYTHM). This philosophy is embodied in many widespread educational, environmental, cultural, and disaster relief philanthropic initiatives, which are enabled by our corporate social responsibility arm, the RYTHM Foundation.QuestNet, through its global business and also through its localized companies, is a member of various industry bodies, such as the Direct Selling Association Singapore (DSAS), the Direct Selling Association Malaysia (DSAM), and the Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM). The company is also actively involved in the industry through either partnerships with, or attendance at, professional events such as the Network Marketing Mastermind Event held in the U.S., the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), the Dubai Direct Selling Festival, and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) World Conference. For the past three years, the company has been recognized as a ‘Caring Company’ by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, which credits companies with a high standard of organizational practices.


QuestNet also recently received recognition within Indonesia as one of the leading companies within the industry in terms of transparency, product quality, and internal and external communications. Furthermore, QuestNet was awarded with a Case Trust (Storefront) accreditation for Good Business Practices, awarded to recognize fair and ethical business practices, sales and after-sales service, well-trained staff, well-maintained facilities, and good business integrity. Net is a strong supporter of the growing direct selling profession. We champion the progress,professionalization and promotion of the industry as being one that provides a viable and fruitful profession to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds.


Today, QuestNet is a modern and progressive player on a global scale, and a clear leader and positive influencer within the Asian direct selling profession, particularly in countries throughout the world in which direct selling and network marketing is relatively new concepts. Through public education campaigns and awareness activities, QuestNet is playing a proactive role in introducing the independent business opportunity of direct selling into new markets, consequently contributing to local economies and to the social advancement of both developing and developed nations. At the same time, QuestNet is also moving into other, more developed markets in which the direct selling profession is well rooted within the community and widely recognized as a viable and professional business option for entrepreneurs. Throughout its dynamic history, the company’s commitment to RYTHM has never faltered, and QuestNet continues to strengthen its ties in the communities in which it operates through meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and contributions


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